Case Studies of Successful Transformation



A 700-person pharmaceutical manufacturing facility was considered a low performer and potentially a facility to be shut down. The site leadership team was challenged to achieve a 20% reduction in annual recurring operating costs.


Working with the Site GM and his leadership team I helped them see possibilities and align around a shared vision. With my coaching, feedback and belief in the Site General Manager, he developed the capability to challenge his own assumptions and be honest with employees about the need to change.


This accelerated implementation of a team centered plant operating model, reduced two levels of management, improved delivery performance from 63% to over 90% and generated total annual recurring savings of $14.5 million.

Operations Transformation

Business Challenge

Shrinking margins and heavy R&D investments to strengthen the product pipeline created cost cutting demands and competition for new products across the supply chain of this global pharmaceutical giant. US Operations leaders needed to reduce costs and keep the US manufacturing facilities operating as productive contributors and candidates for new product supply opportunities.

MNCG Actions

During this multi-year change leadership coaching and consulting assignment I provided executive coaching for a pharmaceutical plant leadership team to bring out personal leadership capabilities, articulate a vision, and create a sense of urgency.

Key Business Results

This resulted in transformation of an organization on the verge of divestiture and an investment of $15 million in capital expansion to manufacture three new products.

Manufacturing Leadership Team Development

Business Challenge

A biotechnology manufacturing site leadership team was unable to deliver more than 50% of production batches on time.

MNCG Actions

Using interviews and team assessment tools, I helped the leadership team recognize how their issues with trust, commitment and accountability impacted the team’s ability to deliver collective results. Working collaboratively with the team leader I designed a four-part series of multi-day off site transformative leadership development sessions conducted over a one-year period of time.

Key Business Results

As the team developed throughout the year, site performance also improved dramatically, achieving 100% batch on time delivery throughout the following year.

Global Human Resources Organization Transformation

Business Challenge

A $12B medical device company with 40,000 employees located in over 150 countries lacked common global HR processes and systems. The organization’s leaders struggled to hire, develop, reward and promote employees which was costing the company millions in retention and hiring costs alone.

MNCG Actions and Solutions

I worked with the Global HR Vice President to create a cohesive and aligned HR Leadership Team through individual coaching, strategy sessions and workshops. Emphasis was placed on challenging assumptions, navigating the journey and evolving their vision of transformation.

Key Business Results

Results included, under budget delivery of a $40 million transformation effort, on-time implementation of 60 standardized global HR processes and PeopleSoft technology.