Change Advisory Consulting Service

MNCG Change Advisory service helps change leaders improve performance and bottom line results through rapid, sustainable change. We stand courageously with our clients in the face of difficult changes and provide the experienced external sounding board leaders need and want.

Our advisory and consulting engagements typically last from six to eighteen months and focus on some or all of these areas depending upon the client’s particular situation and unique set of needs.

Preparation Stage

1. Align Leaders
2. Create Change Roadmap
3. Mobilize the Organizations
4. Assemble Change Teams

Design Stage

5. Discover Opportunities
6. Design Changes
7. Create Ownership for Change
8. Plan Implementation

Implementation Stage

9. Manage Implementation
10. Reinforce Desired Behaviors
11. Monitor Benefits Attainment
12. Move On

Change leadership coaching is used to prepare leaders and change teams. We coach leaders to pay as much attention to the political and emotional aspects of change as to the rational aspects.

We help create conscientious change leaders who are aware of their own assumptions – and their impact on others – so they can help others increase their self-awareness. Finally, our coaching helps teams and leaders consider the big picture and clearly communicate their vision of success.