This one on one process takes the best of what we know about how to develop competence and marries it to the best of what we know about developing the leader’s complexity of mind, or consciousness itself.

My Coaching Beliefs

  • I believe coaching is primarily about discovery, awareness and choice
  • I believe people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole
  • I believe if I have good questions, clients will have the right answers for them
  • I believe in coaching the whole person
  • I believe the coach and client are co-active collaborators
  • I believe the coach must tell the truth and hold clients accountable
  • I believe the coach must maintain client confidentiality

Common Coaching Objectives for Transformation Leaders

  • Demonstrating passion to inspire organization change
  • Driving alignment and execution of a visionary strategic change process
  • Building the courage and authenticity required to successfully lead change
  • Communicating purpose, vision and change goals to key stakeholders
  • Creating a cohesive, aligned leadership team capable of leading change
  • Producing results and outcomes through the direct efforts of others or self
  • Evoking personal transformation ahead of an organization transformation

Assessment tools and feedback data are used to maximize impact and evoke transformation.