“Michael’s change leadership coaching accelerated our change initiative and helped Shire create sustainable change across multiple biotech operations functions.”

Mark Semanick, Head of Bioreactor Operations at Shire

“The leadership team development workshops Michael designed and facilitated helped us build a level of trust most teams only dream of achieving.  Michael’s coaching dramatically improved our ability to engage in productive conflict and hold each other accountable with honest feedback.”

Pedro Fernandez, Sr. Director & Head, Materials Management at Shire Pharmaceuticals

“Michael helped us create a shared vision of the future across our organization that resulted in new processes, new ways of working together, new behaviors and bottom line annual recurring savings of over $15 million. Michael is a change leader who transferred to our organization the knowledge, skills and values required to lead change.”

Michael Crawford, General Manager

“Michael Nagle is a Change Consultant who pushes business leaders to identify the business reasons for change including tangible dollar benefits and then create systems for measuring change and tracking benefits achievement. Michael’s direction during our reengineering effort helped us create change that led to our being recognized and rewarded as a leading AstraZeneca manufacturing facility.”

Stephen Macrides, Manufacturing Site Financial Controller

“Michael Nagle is an outstanding group facilitator. He inspires active participation, creative idea generation, and thoughtful decision making among group members.”

Cheryl Rice, Director Organization Development

“When Michael Nagle set his sights on creating change, action follows and results are achieved. Michael brought customized approaches for creating energy and enthusiasm for change across our 500 person organization to help us successfully implement a new team based operating model.”

Kathleen O’Brien, Human Resources Manager

“Michael has the unique ability to help leaders anticipate and manage the emotions or behaviors change brings out. Leading change requires the type of courage and experience Michael Nagle has to offer.”

Nancy Moshel, Executive Director IS Strategic Planning

“Michael Nagle brought fresh ideas and an individualized approach that helped our leaders and employees let go of the past and boldly step into the future.”

Kathy Monday, VP of Customer and Technical Operations

“As our Change Partner during the merger of Astra and Zeneca’s operations groups, Michael demonstrated his ability to partner with executives and organization leaders to implement strategies that rapidly integrated both organizations while achieving outstanding customer service levels and retaining top talent. Michael Nagle is a role model for leaders engaged in creating sustainable change.”

Ken Murtha, Vice President US Operations

“Michael is an amazing coach! His curious, challenging and empathetic approach helped me transform professionally and personally. I would not be where I am in my career today without him and am thankful that we have been able to work together over the past year. Michael not only helps you during coaching sessions, but his wisdom stays with you in the times between sessions. He is able to add value far beyond the time you have together and that enables you to be your best self in any situation you are faced with.”

Amy Paro, Organization Development Director

“Michael’s change leadership coaching prepared me, my cross functional change team and the organization to successfully transform one of our most important global quality systems. Michael is a great coach and a pleasure to work with!”

Katarina Bartle, Quality Assurance Director