Use of Self: The Impact of Mindset on Transformation

Environmental factors and business imperatives drive the need for change from the outside in, but the outcomes of change come from the inside out.  When a leader and his/her employees’ mindsets change as a result of these external drivers then behaviors and assumptions begin to changeᶦ. 

Changes in behaviors and assumptions leads to the shift in culture and organization content required to transform so business imperatives are achieved and environmental factors are responded to effectively.  Mindset is the leverage point that causes this transformation.

A leader’s mindset acts as a filter for how they perceive reality.  The challenge for any organization is when a leader’s perception is not aligned with reality.  Effective change leaders are aware of the influence of mindset on perception and always examining their mindset when making decisions.

MNCG provides change advisory and executive coaching to create change leaders who are less reactive and more conscious of the impact of their mindset on organization transformation.

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